Júlio Fagundes Concentino

Im Schuljahr 2014/15 besucht Júlio Fagundes Concentino aus Brasilien die Klasse 10b am Albertinum. Die Klasse hat ihn ganz liebevoll in ihrem Kreis aufgenommen.


“When you do an exchange program, you are expected to stay far away from your family and most of the things that you like, with the aim of gaining new experience, finding new people and doing things that you would otherwise never have done. 

I chose Germany as my destination and actually I don’t even know why. What I know is that I found a place where people say more often “Thanks” than any other word. I found people that don’t need to help me, but they do it anyway, people that I can trust. And today if someone asked me if Germany was the right choice, I would say yes without thinking.

Here, I’ve been going to school, a place where I found a lot of friends and learnt a lot, even with some or rather countless problems with the language. In general, the things here are really different, sometimes weird, and with the school it is the same, but after this year in Germany I would really like to include some aspects of this culture because the objective was to be better than before, to be different afterwards.”